For several years, in both the United States and in Europe, the non-profit World War II Foundation has held Band of Brothers Actors reunions to help raise money to benefit the non-profit mission of the World War II Foundation. To date, the WWII Foundation has raised the money for and dedicated in 2012, the Richard D. Winters Leadership Monument in Normandy, France, as well as produced 21 documentary films on the personal stories of WWII, which we donate to American Public Television, schools, libraries and to veterans. In 2018, the World War II Foundation is also opening the WWII Global Education Center in Rhode Island, a location for student learning.

In 2017 the World War II Foundation held the first ever Normandie-World War II International Film Festival in Sainte Marie du Mont and Carentan, France. Over 50 films made the cut in the inaugural film fest. A red carpet event featuring actors from the Band of Brothers television series, film directors and producers and 10 D-Day veterans kicked off the four-day festival at the famed Utah Beach Museum.

Since then, we’ve screened some great and award-winning films and we are back to do the same in historic Normandie for the 75th anniversary in 2019, along with D-Day and WWII veterans and a large group of actors from the Band of Brothers once again.

The Normandie-WWII International Film Festival is the only film festival in the world featuring the latest film content focused just on WWII, from feature films to shorts. It’s also the only festival in the world to hold its events in and around the D-Day beaches, marking the June 6th anniversary of the landings in northwestern France.

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