Q: How many people are in your groups?
A: Our shared group tours are maximum 8 people.

Q: How far in advance should I book?
A: Hard to say? In high season at least 4 to 6 weeks. 8 would be even better!

Q: Can we skip a stop and add on a different site that is not listed in this tour description?
A: Only on our private tours you are able to adjust the itinerary to suit you.

Q: Can we eat or drink on board?
A: We only allow water to be consumed on board our vehicles. There is plenty of free time to eat and drink while outside the vehicle so we kindly ask you to respect our vehicle cleanliness by not eating or drinking on board.

Q: We’re traveling with children. Can we take them on the tour with us?
A: We have no objections to taking children on board our tours. However, we do not want to have difficult moments for you or our other clients. Therefore, we only allow children older than 8 years old on our shared group tours. We suggest considering taking a private tour. If you do plan to bring a child or infant. European law dictates that each passenger, regardless of age, has to occupy a seat. Children also require special seats. We will provide these if you tell us in advance. Adult pricing applies to all seats.

Q: How do I meet my guide?
A: He will be at the platform where you arrive from Paris. As soon as you step out of the train, your guide will be right in front of you. For multiple day tours, your guide will pick you up  or drop you off at your hotel.

Q: Can I bring luggage?
A: On our shared group tours we only accept small overnight bags and small backpacks. As we have limited space. All other items of luggage will not be accepted. On private tours, no problem to bring your luggage.