Book your train tickets to Carentan to start your tour:

Website French rail road to book your tickets online:


Our tour schedule from Paris only matches the train schedule on weekdays!

Book the INTERCITÉS #3301 from Paris Saint Lazare train station to Carentan at 07.04am. You will arrive in Carentan at 9.39am. We will pick you up to start the tour from there. There’s only one platform and we will be there waiting for you.       Sample screenshot

Book the INTERCITÉS #3314 from Carentan to Paris Saint Lazare leaving at 18.06hrs (6.06pm) arriving in Paris at 20.50hrs (8.50pm)       Sample screenshot

NOTE: for a British / Canadian one day private tour, you can book exact the same trains but to Bayeux instead of Carentan. Arrival in Bayeux will be at 9.15am and your return at 18.35hrs (6.35pm).

Useful information:

  • You can only book your train maximum 3 months ahead! So, do not panic when your train doesn’t show up when you want to book further ahead. Best time to book is 1 to 3 months ahead. Booking short notice it can be sold out or more expensive. 
  • Doors do not open automatically. There’s a lever you have to operate to open the doors manually.
  • The train only stops 3 minutes at Carentan!
  • There’s no coffee, sandwiches or snacks available on the train. So, pack you breakfast.

We booked a multiple day tour, now what…………..?

Then book your return from Bayeux. Best place to stay in this area is in the medieval town of Bayeux. Plenty of nice hotels and restaurants. We will pick you up at Carentan train station on day one and drop you off at your hotel in Bayeux. Next day we will pick you at your hotel lobby and drop you off at Bayeux train station for your return to Paris.

Bon voyage………..!